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Three out of ten eating disorder sufferers do not receive a referral from their GP to a mental health service for treatment, despite medical guidance that stresses the need for immediate referral. While half of those suffering from eating disorders have received good or very good care from their GP, half rated it poor or very poor according to a survey* of nearly 1,700 people.

Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity which undertook the research, is calling for increased training for medical students specialising in general practice so that all GPs are able to properly diagnose the psychological and behavioural symptoms of eating disorders so they can refer immediately.

The survey to mark Eating Disorders Awareness Week starting Monday 27 February, asked people about their first visit to a GP about their eating disorder. The results showed that 55 per cent felt that the GP did not understand the importance of early intervention and only 34 per cent felt that their GP knew how to help them.

In addition, the survey also revealed that only one in five of these GPs provided their patients with information about eating disorders, despite the recommendation by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, or signposted them to services which would help, such as peer support networks or Beat’s national helpline. Meanwhile almost one in six, nearly 200, of these respondents switched to a different GP after not receiving the care or help they needed for their eating disorder. Most reported a more positive experience with the second GP they saw.

Beat is launching a public awareness campaign to ensure that GPs and family members and friends are better equipped to spot the tell-tale signs. This comprises a booklet for carers, an information guide for people to get the best outcome from their visit to their GP and a poster to provide useful pointers on how to recognise the first signs of an eating disorder and get a person on their road to recovery. This is available at

Let’s raise awareness of this topic by doing Hour of Power Fitness Class Friday 3rd March at 4pm Daryton Garden Village Hall UB79UG £5 minimum donation to B-EAT UK Eating Disorder Charity
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