So today I attempt for the first time to do my website myself. No training, no help.. EEEK!
In my perfect world, I would have the money to pay someone to do it for me, but in my urgency I need it done now, so at least it is functional and not turning people away at first glance of an ‘under construction’ holding page.

So here goes.

My website was good before but it had the wrong message and the message I want to deliver now is an imperfect one.
I want the world to know that you do not have to be perfect. That you are good enough now. Your body is good enough, you are good enough. YOU are good enough.

Now if you want to look around and find out how I can help you with that please do..

By choosing to hang around here, you will see changes ahead. As my website grows, hopefully you do to and can find useful information, links to people who I trust and great content in the form of blogs and podcasts.

What matters is I get my message across, just start. Just get it out there.
Then I can perfect it as I go.

So welcome to my imperfect website.

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