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Eating more to weigh less!

I am currently 5 weeks out of my Bikini contest https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leicester-Charity-Body-Building-Show/1014198215260239
One of the reasons I wanted to put myself through this adventure is to understand myself what dedication these athletes go through. Body building is an art, its hard work and requires discipline, dedication, motivation, passion AND support!
The biggest and quickest secret I can tell you now, without going into too much detail is that in order to lose FAT you must stop starving your muscles.
Every person who has come up to me in the past 12 weeks wanting to lose weight has told me they are trying really hard, they are hungry, starving, eating no rubbish, eating nothing at all but yet… FAT.
WHY? They are starving their muscles. Your body needs energy to survive, your BMR (basic metabolic rate), so even at rest you require energy to breath, think, pump blood around your body etc. Your muscles are a great place to store energy and if you are lacking in your diet your body will take what it needs from your own body catabolism. The more you do this, the lower muscle mass you have, the lower your BMR, the less you can eat without storing FAT. The more FAT your body stores in reservation. It’s got to protect itself after all, and make sure this process doesn’t happen again. See…. you still with me?
SO the reason body builders eat 6 meals a day is to give their muscles a constant supply of energy, keeping metabolism high, helping muscles to grow and excess FAT that is no longer going to be needed for fuel (as food is now the fuel) to shed.
Whalllaaa!! This IS the secret to your fat loss!
Read more on my weekly Bikini blog coming in September. Wish me luck x

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