Personal Training

“I Need someone to knock on my door and get me exercising. I know I won’t do it alone and I don’t want to exercise at the gym with everyone watching!”

Where you’re at

You have no control around food, you feel anxious around parties or buffets, you restrict your food to try to lose weight but you end up binging on everything and anything.You can’t have certain foods in the house because you are all or nothing and you will eat it all until it’s gone.

What Your Issues Tend To Be

You are trying to regulate or change your weight through dieting and/or restriction and over the years your attempts have got less and less successful, you know there is more to life and want help to break this cycle.

What You Need Help With Right Now

You need support and motivation. You want to be able to stick to an exercise regime and may need session 2 or 3 times a week.

You want to start getting results but then maintain and you want exercise to feel fun and less like a chore.

The Program That Will Suit You Best Is The ‘Personal training at home’ program

This program is specifically designed for home clients.

To find out more about the ‘Personal training at home’ program

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