About Nicola


Nicola is a Speaker and Presenter in the Health and Fitness Industry.

She teaches group exercise classes and 121 Personal Training, and inspires you to be get fitter and stronger which helps you gain confidence.

Nicola believes in positive Mindset and uses techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) to help you achieve your goals

She hosts her own Podcast and Radio show on 91.8 Hayes fm where she discusses honestly her own struggles with Body Image and Eating Disorders.

Nicola is passionate about promoting REAL health not just aesthetics and picture ‘perfect’ bodies. She is on a mission to change the face of the fitness industry by using real fitness models and not air brushed or dieted bodies.

Nicola has suffered with Bulimia, Body Dysmorphia and Orthorexia and throughout her years in the fitness industry also competed in Body Building. In doing this she learnt the truth about dieting and became an Ambassador of the Body Image Movement and advocate for Health at Every Size-Linda Bacon.

Nicola found a way out of endless diets, binge eating and body hatred and wants to help you to do the same. ‘It’s so importance to be true to who you are, you are more than a body! You are a Mum/Wife/Boss/Entrepreneur, whoever you are, be you. be proud. Live your life to the fullest’. Let Nicola help you!

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